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Guest Spot: T-man’s Top Ten

Editors note: T-man is our guest writer of the month who we invite on to share thoughts and opinions on film and basic nerdiness. We are always looking for new writers so if you would like to be featured in our Guest Spot contact us at reeldudereviews@gmail.com. Thank you and happy reading!

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10. Blade Runner (1982) – Before I saw the film, I played a computer game with the same name based on this cult classic. Actually, maybe it’s not much of a cult today, but most definitely a classic. Based on Philip K. Dick’s story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Ridley Scott’s film blends science fiction and film noir in a plot so perplexing,  you’d question what makes a human, and whether we are too, Replicants. Featuring the star power of Harrison Ford and a stellar performance from Rutger Hauer, the story captures a dystopian Los Angeles in the future, where androids become a threat to human life. It takes a hard-boiled cop named Deckard to execute, or as they call it, “retire,” the machines in human tissue. It is a dark, yet spellbinding picture that stands out from other great science fiction movies. Continue reading Guest Spot: T-man’s Top Ten

We made our first podcast! GOT Style!

We have had the privilege to guest star on a number of podcasts from different hosts and liked the idea so much that we decided to make our own! We have started an awesome partnership with coretemparts.com, taking over their TV Ate My Brain Podcast for their Game of Thrones Edition. Our first episode is up and live so click the link below, check it out, and let us know what you think!




Podcast Time with Original Remake and Dan the Movie Man!

The internet is a wonderful thing, bringing people together to talk about thoughts and ideas. This week I join Peter from HLF podcast and Dan the Movie man to talk movies, effects, story, and more!

With Peter I discuss the two versions of The Jungle Book and which one is worth seeing!


Dan and I take on the craziness of Hardcore Henry and The Hateful Eight, talking violence, go-pros, and hardcore parkour. Continue reading Podcast Time with Original Remake and Dan the Movie Man!

Spotlight: Podcast Time!

The thing I love most about RDR is that it’s not handled solely by a few guys with laptops. I started it solo but was then joined by some awesome writers and content managers. Now, in our latest collaborative effort we have paired up with some fantastic podcasters to talk about awesome movie/nerd stuff for your enjoyment. Also, most of us get drunk so… there’s that. Check out some of them below!


Continue reading Spotlight: Podcast Time!