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Anna Unbound Review

Anna Unbound (2015)

Directed by Bernd Porr

Starring Vasso Georgiadou, James Robson, Martin Sweeny

Indie Unchained
by Mason Manuel

The study of the mind is a strange thing, more so when the brain in question is our own. When the validity of our own memories comes into question a harrowing effect is created, resulting in a constant state of unease. This is what Anna Unbound achieves marvelously with its intelligent script and strong lead actress. Though the middle section drags with an extremely slow burn, those with the endurance to keep watching will be rewarded with a smart story and excellent finale. Continue reading Anna Unbound Review

Layla Review

Every time I review an Indie film I have to go over the same issues; production value, making something out of nothing, and overall director’s talent. Sometimes films with the most limited of resources can still make something extraordinary, and I am all the more impressed because of it. But these are the minority. Most of the time low production value means low quality of film. Sadly, this first attempt from Jump Cut UK’s Jakob Lewis Barnes falls under the weight of its own ambition and low budget. Continue reading Layla Review

Life Off Grid Review

Life Off Grid (2015)

Directed by Jonathan Taggart

Living Without Connection
By Mason Manuel

Whenever my parents took me as a kid to my Grandma’s out in the country I was absolutely miserable. There was nothing to do, no video games, and it smelled like old people. I was hard pressed to find anything to love about being away from modern civilization. However, that’s exactly what Jonathan Taggart’s Life Off Grid sets off to do. We are taken to some of the most isolated areas of Canada to see how people survive without the comforts of everything being readily available by society. But these do-it-themselvers aren’t Bear Grylls survivor people that can make a shopping mall out of a toothpick. This film shows exactly who they are – ordinary people who never forget that the Earth is a finite resource. Continue reading Life Off Grid Review

The Secret Review

The Secret (2008)

Directed by Jon Rosling

Starring Steven Coward, Emily Batchford, and Nicola Haldane

Isolation never feels more devastating than when you are surrounded by your peers and feel completely alone. As a child, this feeling rears its ugly head too often and leaves us feeling alone and misunderstood. School as a kid can be the realization of all these fears at once. The frustrating feeling of being alone is what The Secret capitalizes upon and shows the horror it can induce. And what horror there is. Continue reading The Secret Review

Mercy: The Story of the Artist Review


A Bloody Good Time

What a lady killer. Or a killer lady. Or a … something. Either way, Mercy Noble is the coolest female horror protagonist to walk the screen since the first Scream came out. Kirsten Wight portrays your average run of the mill millennial killer to perfection with deadpan eyes that hint at something darker behind them. Her terrific performance, mixed with an impressively engaging story for a short makes Mercy one of the best Indie horror films this year. Continue reading Mercy: The Story of the Artist Review