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Three Days in Auschwitz Review

Cinematic Notes

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

The atrocities of the Holocaust remain so pivotal to this day that the countless amount of books and movies made on the subject always feel new, or at least necessary. Phillippe Mora writes, produces, directs, and stars in his own film attempting to address what he calls an “open wound” on his family history, as a large number of his ancestors were killed in the concentration camp of Auschwitz. A personalized documentary style film talking about the effects of the Holocaust on later generations is a novel idea and possesses moments of intrigue but suffers from unprofessional production work and lack of focus. Continue reading Three Days in Auschwitz Review

LiveLove Review

Expect Greatness

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

At one point in LiveLove, our two protagonists discuss how having expectations going into relationships is the biggest reason why they fail. Perhaps the same can be said about Indie film. Many times when we at RDR get a screening link from a new director we watch with simultaneous excitement and hesitation because we can’t wait to see a cool new idea but cringe at possibly seeing shoddy work from an untested cast and crew. Sometimes it works, others it doesn’t but I am happy to say with LiveLove it absolutely does. A clever script with excellent cinematography and performances makes for an exceptional experience and speaks volumes for the team behind its conception. Continue reading LiveLove Review

Vicious Review

I didn’t want to finish this horror short for all the right reasons. Creepy and disturbing visuals accompanied by a chilling score make what could have easily been a simplistic boring gag into one of the most terrifying fifteen minutes of my life. That being said, I am one of the biggest wimps of all time when it comes to horror so I will leave the exact degree of terror to you. But still, Vicious makes excellent use of its low resources, making something out of nothing around every turn. While a bit low on story and character development, the film does what it came to do with its limited run time – and that’s to scare the ever loving pants off of you. Continue reading Vicious Review