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Firewatch Review

Burning Bright

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

If you were to ask someone unfamiliar with gaming what video games mainly consist of, they would probably cite something action heavy like Halo or Mario. They wouldn’t necessarily be wrong; after all we get big budget triple A war simulators every year i.e. Call of Duty. But they are not completely right either. Games like Firewatch prove this. You won’t find a hint of action in its roughly 8 hour long campaign. The closest you get to violence is chopping trees with an axe. But despite this lack of explosions and gunfire, Firewatch proves itself to be the marker of a new generation in gaming. Continue reading Firewatch Review

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review


Solid Throughout

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

  “Sun will soon be setting.” I smiled to myself. This was the announcement I had been waiting for from my nifty little iDroid gadget. Ahead of me lay a base with some very yummy resources ripe for the taking if I could pull it off. The problem? I needed to do it stealthily or else I would be swarmed by a gang of Russian soldiers. Luckily I had come prepared. Continue reading Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review