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Deadpool Review

The Hero We Need, The Merc We Deserve

Deadpool is one of those things that just won’t die, literally and metaphorically. After a botched debut at the hands of Gavin Hood’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fans were worried that the merc with a mouth would never see the silver screen again. When the film finally made it out of development hell, rumors began to circulate that it was another terrible Fox comic film waiting to happen. Then preview screening reviews started to circulate with most “respectable” critics giving it a mediocre rating. But that’s where Deadpool sets itself apart from other movies. The film wasn’t made to give Ebert’s ghost a boner, it was made for the fans. This is a 2 hour love letter to the people who fought tooth and nail to see the beloved character get a second chance, and those people will be very pleased. But if you are an outsider to nerd dimension, you’ll probably want to steer clear.

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