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Bad news for those hoping to save money on what has been a frankly mediocre blockbuster season. Director Edgar Wright’s latest, Baby Driver is flat out amazing and very well might be the Wright’s masterpiece. Giving a go for best movie soundtrack ever, the film plays more like a two hour long music video with more guns involved. With a kick-ass cast and even better action, the film is likely to go down as one of the greats for this year.

Ansel Elgort plays Baby, a young driver coerced into working for a mob boss after his family is tragically killed, leaving him to suffer with tinnitus. Working off his debt by pulling off heists with a top notch crew of criminals including Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, and Eiza González, all works fairly simply until he falls for a young waitress at his favorite diner. Having a new soft spot leaves him vulnerable to a delightfully evil mob boss Kevin Spacey and so Baby must fight against his debtor and his old pals in crime to get away scott free, all while jamming to a delightful list of tunes.

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Ansel Elgort is Baby

Baby Driver makes its best impression in its high octane opening scene. Squealing tires, popping gunshots, and heavy beats all come together in a way so perfect it seems ridiculous that these elements hadn’t been paired this way in the first place. Instruments are substituted for gunshots and vice versa. The stunning direction and meshed beats are the main star of this romping crime drama. Performances across the board are more than possible, with Elgort’s musical background coming very much into play here. The crime crew all bring their own gimmicks to the table though we never get deep enough into anyone of their lives to really get to know them other than that they are the bad guys. Thankfully, Baby’s character fares a little better, showing some deep care for his foster family as well as his new flame. This helps the ending stakes feel even higher as Baby is not just fighting for his life but those of his close relations as well.

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Story wise Baby Driver feels a bit slim but there’s so much fun to be had that you hardly notice. Bad boy meets girl, bad boy’s crime life endangers girl, bad boy tries hard not to be bad anymore, yada yada. Reflecting the narrative style of Mad Max, story takes a back seat to action and that’s A-okay here. The mix of hardcore parkour and awesome car chases simply never get old. The adrenaline never stops pumping and while that is a hard feat to manage in the hands of other directors, Wright seems born for it. The ending result makes a hell of a good time that defines the purpose of a summer blockbuster.

Baby Driver is simply fantastic and cannot be missed. A romping fun time with an equally enjoyable cast makes for an amazing film that is undeniably fun. Though more could have been done in a storytelling department, it’s hard to see any more checkboxes that were mixed. As a must recommend RDR gives Baby Driver a 9 out of 10.

Baby Driver

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