The Dreaded “Issues” Article


By Mason Manuel

I figure RDR is finally old enough to do an ‘”issues” article so here goes nothing. If you’re looking for more movie content we will have a review for Alien: Covenant and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword up shortly. But for just this once, this article is just me.

Frustration and jealousy are curious things as they often work in tandem but can also be causative of each other. RDR was started because I wanted to focus my drive for the one real passion I have in the only way that seemed feasible to me. After the site began to take off I became more immersed in blogging and met some wonderful people who had been doing the same thing for some time. It became instantly clear that I was out of my league but that was okay because I was doing something that was becoming increasingly enjoyable. The community was being built and more film blog vets were helping me create what I wanted.

But life, as always, gets in the way. Personal issues meshed with a frustration of certain issues in the film industry started to slow me down and as I did so, the community did too. I’m not here to preach about my demons though but rather have a conversation with you about how certain emotions got in my way and what the best way to handle them was (at least for me). I began to get jealous of my other blogger friends and started to bury myself in the site, making more connections, seeing more films, and writing more material. Burying yourself in work is not always a bad thing; I had become more productive than ever and was distracted from other real world problems. The problem with ignoring real world problems is that they don’t go away, they grow bigger. The more unattended they became, the more uncontrollable they grew to be until finally life decided it was time to be noticed. So, begrudgingly, I complied, stopped the site for a few months and dealt with the issues.

Ignoring your problems and hoping everything will be okay simply is not a solution. Today I still have plenty of problems but I bite the bullet and simply do my best to address them as much as I have to in order to be done with them. Afterwards I come back to you beautiful bastards of RDR for some R n R (heh) as talking to you awesome dudes and dudettes has been nothing but an enjoyable experience. For that I wholeheartedly thank you. I can honestly say that having you all around helped my real life just because it gave me someone to talk to about awesome and not so awesome films. That brings me to my advice part. Trust your friends. Build your relationships. Be vulnerable to those that you know you can be despite hating that feeling. In the end, depending on no one but yourself is a chore and an unnecessary one at that. Find a passion and use it as a craft and an escape but don’t lose yourself in the excitement. The warning signs come too little too late as life starts to fall back in. I’m no master of life by any means but addressing that life isn’t perfect and then coming to friends and passions for healing turned me back on track. And who knows, maybe the same thing will happen for you 🙂

P.S. That photo up top is the only respectable one of me drinking and lord knows I did plenty of that too. I don’t recommend it but at the same time I can’t say in good conscience that it wasn’t fun.


❤ Mason

How have you dealt with issues and troubles that you’ve experienced? Leave a comment below.

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