John Wick: Chapter Two and Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Drop


Two new trailers dropped today and boyyyyyy they’re a doozy. Check them out below and tell me how many willies you get on a scale of 1 to HOLY CRAP

Blade Runner 2049 is an upcoming 2017 American neo-noir science fiction film directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green. It is the sequel to Blade Runner and sees Harrison Ford reprise his role as Rick Deckard.

Legendary hitman John Wick is forced back out of retirement by a former associate plotting to seize control of a shadowy international assassins’ guild. Bound by a blood oath to help him, John travels to Rome where he squares off against some of the world’s deadliest killers.

Nocturnal Animals Review

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Reviewed By Nicholas Vandeloecht

You know, with this movie being called Nocturnal Animals, I was half-expecting to see a fox, a deer or even a cat, but in the film’s kickoff I got a whoooooole lot of something else instead. Nocturnal Animals is both written and directed by Tom Ford and is based on Austin Wright’s 1993 novel named Tony and Susan. This movie features an all-star cast of Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isla Fisher, Armie Hammer and Laura Linney and tells what is best described as a three-part tale. The opening part is set in present day and shows how Adams‘ character Susan leads this posh lifestyle as an artist in this artsy high-class snobbish world while struggling with the strained relationship between herself and her current husband played by Hammer. Near the beginning of the movie, she receives this manuscript from her ex-husband Edward, played by Gyllenhaal, who is this writer that wants to share this story with her to achieve a certain purpose. Continue reading Nocturnal Animals Review

Moonlight Review

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Mooning Over

Reviewed by Nicholas Vandeloecht

Here are the five steps to seeing Moonlight.

1)      Buy a ticket to go see Moonlight

2)      Go see Moonlight

3)      Walk out to your car in stunned silence.

4)      Try to convince yourself you are a person who does not feel feelings even though the movie in many ways examines the misguided nature of that mentality

5)      Hold your tears still, but feel like you are crying your feelings through your fingers into a Word document.

And that’s how you see Moonlight! Continue reading Moonlight Review

Why I’m Worried About the Announcement of The Last of Us: Part Two

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Hastily written by Mason Manuel

PSX is gone and behind us but it left some stunning bombshells in its wake, mostly through developer Naughty Dog products. We got a look at a remastered Crash Bandicoot (being remastered by a different developer but the IP is still with ND) and an interesting look at an expansion of the Uncharted universe following fan favorite character Chloe and certified badass/asshat Nadine with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Then the big one; The Last of Us numero dos. After being such a successful product of the developer’s, and having so many demand for a continuation of the heartbreaking tale it logically only makes sense that Naughty Dog should further explore that universe. But should they though? Continue reading Why I’m Worried About the Announcement of The Last of Us: Part Two

Top 10 Trailers of 2017


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By Nicholas Vandeloecht

You know what’s rare? Seeing a movie without seeing the trailer first. Certainly, going into a great movie blind is the best feeling, because then everything’s a surprise, and Ex Machina, Mad Max: Fury Road and Spotlight all were those kinds of surprises for me personally last year. But then it’s also a crapshoot. You have no idea if the movie you’re going to see will match your interests or be the kind of thing you like. Granted, you can see a trailer for a movie, too, and end up with the same result. But hey! Still fun to see a little bit of the future movies now, and trailers themselves can be thrilling to watch. They’re two-to-three minute visually-stunning bundles of joy that you can quickly check out on YouTube, and it can be fun to see how they mix their scenes with songs that obviously are not going to be in the film.

We’re in an era now where contemporary music and minimal dialogue have become selling points, and in the top 10 listed below, those choices do well in selling their products. Should you be nervous about lack of dialogue or story explanation? Absolutely you should! But a trailer handled with care, even if the movie isn’t, is respectable enough to warrant a watch of the film.

That said, see below the top 10 best trailers and teasers that I’ve seen to come out so far for the 2017 calendar year.

Continue reading Top 10 Trailers of 2017

Moana Review

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Reviewed by Nicholas Vandeloecht

Between Kubo and Moana, it’s been the year of animated movies that, change a couple characters and details here and there, could have easily turned into movie adaptations of the Legend of Zelda…and become the best videogame movies we could’ve gotten to date. Instead we get the film that Pocahontas probably could’ve and should’ve been. Moana is directed by Ron Clements and John Musker and is the latest movie to come out of Walt Disney Animated Studios and showcases that Disney may very well be undergoing another golden age. Continue reading Moana Review

Allied Review

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Reviewed by Nicholas Vandeloecht

Get ready for the test of your patience that you never saw coming! Allied is a new release from acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Castaway, Back to the Future) and stars Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt in a period piece romance about two spies who fall in love during a covert mission in Casablanca and then how the husband, played by Pitt, gets information about how his wife could be working for the Germans, and so now he has to either prove her innocence or, if she is a spy, he must kill her. Because what sells your allegiance to the good side any better than executing the love of your life, right? Continue reading Allied Review