La La Land Review

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Best Film of 2016

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

(Editor’s Note:The following is an advance review. Access to this film was provided by the Middleburg Film Festival. RDR would like to thank the Middleburg Film committee for their generosity and look forward to working with them again!)

I am calling it now. Damien Chazelle once again shows that he is worthy of an Oscar with this brilliant tribute to jazz and the history of film making. La La Land is one of those films you see once in a generation, both challenging and showing great love for the status quo of film and music today. It never forgets that at the end of the day art is something to be expressed and criticized while still being loved. Pair that off with an addictive soundtrack and you have yourself one hell of a motion picture. Continue reading La La Land Review

The Birth of a Nation Review

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Reviewed by Mason Manuel

A Stale Conception

The promotion of slavery is one of the darkest blots on American history. As such, much like the Holocaust and the massacres of the World Wars, such traumatic events deserve to be remembered and chronicled in the art of today. However, a simple retelling is not enough. Chronicling true events is well and good but they still need to set themselves apart from other stories that have already been told. While The Birth of a Nation is an unarguably powerful film, it does little to nothing to set itself apart from the countless predecessor slavery biopics. Continue reading The Birth of a Nation Review