Ghostbusters (2016) Review

Maybe Should Have Stayed Dead

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

The past few years have been chock full of frenzied studios rebooting beloved franchises with mixed success. Every one of them was met with a mix of well-deserved pessimism and excitement before release as we have all been hurt before by heartless cash grabs trying to make a quick buck off of fond childhood memories. But the Ghostbusters situation was a bit different. Any excitement was quickly nodded off by many angry internet commenters screaming at how the film was just a lame attempt at pacifying today’s politically correct culture and not an attempt to build upon a great franchise. Though wholly unfair, the complaints had a ring of truth behind them. Would the film be a simple “power to women” piece rather than a re-imagination of a cool idea with a funny female cast? As it turns out, the new team of Ghostbusters are actually a hell of a good time. The movie however… probably should have stayed in the crypt. Continue reading Ghostbusters (2016) Review