Batman v. Superman Review

Fight or Fly Far Away

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

Son of Krypton versus the Bat of Gotham. The fight of the century that comic lovers have been dying to grace the big screen for decades.  So after all this time, has the wait been worth it? With a solid cast and crew, the signs all pointed to a positive conclusion. But while the titular clash of titans pays off, laughable performances and a lackluster story inevitably casts this film into the throws of obscurity. Continue reading Batman v. Superman Review

Spotlight Review

Best Picture?

Reviewed by Mason Manuel 

In the wake of the recent Best Picture win at the Oscars, I was remiss that I had never seen Spotlight. Popping it in a week later, I was expecting to experience the same amount of exhilaration that I had with the other candidates. Starring an impressive cast and crew while tackling a very controversial issue, Spotlight has everything working for it. But while the performances and story are decent and moving at times, a film of the ages this is not. Though assuredly interesting and even anger inducing, Spotlight does not deserve Best Picture. That’s not to say it’s a bad film though. Continue reading Spotlight Review

10 Cloverfield Lane Review

Something’s Coming…

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

10 Cloverfield Lane is the sequel I never knew I wanted. After the initial Cloverfield released in 2008 many were intrigued by the origins of the giant sea monster that terrorized New York but rumors of a sequel were eventually dispelled and the intrigue died down. That is until its surprise announcement only three months ago of what producer J.J. Abrams called a “blood relative” to the original film. While some fans may be disappointed that connection to the original film is lacking, the latest entry in the franchise offers plenty in terms of fantastic story direction and performances. Continue reading 10 Cloverfield Lane Review

LiveLove Review

Expect Greatness

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

At one point in LiveLove, our two protagonists discuss how having expectations going into relationships is the biggest reason why they fail. Perhaps the same can be said about Indie film. Many times when we at RDR get a screening link from a new director we watch with simultaneous excitement and hesitation because we can’t wait to see a cool new idea but cringe at possibly seeing shoddy work from an untested cast and crew. Sometimes it works, others it doesn’t but I am happy to say with LiveLove it absolutely does. A clever script with excellent cinematography and performances makes for an exceptional experience and speaks volumes for the team behind its conception. Continue reading LiveLove Review

Firewatch Review

Burning Bright

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

If you were to ask someone unfamiliar with gaming what video games mainly consist of, they would probably cite something action heavy like Halo or Mario. They wouldn’t necessarily be wrong; after all we get big budget triple A war simulators every year i.e. Call of Duty. But they are not completely right either. Games like Firewatch prove this. You won’t find a hint of action in its roughly 8 hour long campaign. The closest you get to violence is chopping trees with an axe. But despite this lack of explosions and gunfire, Firewatch proves itself to be the marker of a new generation in gaming. Continue reading Firewatch Review