Hail, Caesar! Review

by Mason Manuel

The Coen Brothers write their love letter to the golden age of Hollywood with their tongue in cheek dramedy Hail, Caesar! The duo pull out all the stops, faithfully creating a 1950s tinsel town with an all-star cast.  With the brothers being famous for their hit/miss style of films (one year we get a Big Lebowski, the next a Ladykillers) where does this one fall? Well… strangely in the middle. Continue reading Hail, Caesar! Review

Layla Review

Every time I review an Indie film I have to go over the same issues; production value, making something out of nothing, and overall director’s talent. Sometimes films with the most limited of resources can still make something extraordinary, and I am all the more impressed because of it. But these are the minority. Most of the time low production value means low quality of film. Sadly, this first attempt from Jump Cut UK’s Jakob Lewis Barnes falls under the weight of its own ambition and low budget. Continue reading Layla Review