Spotlight: Podcast Time!

The thing I love most about RDR is that it’s not handled solely by a few guys with laptops. I started it solo but was then joined by some awesome writers and content managers. Now, in our latest collaborative effort we have paired up with some fantastic podcasters to talk about awesome movie/nerd stuff for your enjoyment. Also, most of us get drunk so… there’s that. Check out some of them below!


First is our session with the Drunken Dork Podcast talking all things Star Wars! Listen here. Follow them @thedrunkendork

Next is our awesome time with the Epic Film Guys, running down our top anticipated of 2016! Listen here. You can check out more of their stuff @EpicFilmGuys

Here we talk with Clint from the Geek Dig Podcast talking Kingdom Hearts 3, Monty Python, and the best/worst of 2015! Listen here. You can check out all of their sweet sauce on Twitter @GeekDigPod


That’s all for now but we have lots more coming soon! We have more podcasts coming and content just for you so be sure to stay tuned. Until next time peeps.





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